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"Coffe" Bags

The "coffe", are typical Sicilian bags, obtained from the tender and resistant part of the Sicilian dwarf palm leaves, skillfully intertwined by local artisans.

Originally this product was a poor tool used in agricultural activities;

Today, however, wisely re-evoked as a bag, embellished with various materials, by skilled certosine hands in every detail. The "coffa", inside, is entirely lined with fabric sewn and finished with border.

The closure of the cups is made with strings intertwined with crochet and embellished with a rattle.

It can finally be enriched with a chain for shoulder strap.

These artifacts can also be a canvas support with acrylic colors and water-repellent paints, representing typical subjects of the Sicilian tradition (paladins, dark texts, fruits and typical Sicilian landscapes).

Also, on request, to be personalized with corded lettering.


100% handmade in Italy

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